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How You can purchase/bitcoins using your credit/debit card.

How To Order

Shipping and Payment Instructions:

  • You may, either send your firearm(s) through your local dealer or ship directly to us. Glocks Official holds a Federal Firearms License (FFL) So, you may send your firearms directly to us provided they are shipped through a carrier such as UPS or FedEx.
  • The carriers will typically require handguns to ship Next Day Air and long arms Second-Day Air. You cannot ship firearms through the US Postal Service. Glocks Official, in turn, is required to ship the firearms back to you at the same address. Non-serialized parts such as a slide, barrel, or sights may be sent in any manner you like.
  • The customer is responsible for insuring their own shipment to Glocks Official.
  • Glocks Official will insure the firearm for the return shipment.
  • All firearms shipped must include our Glocks Official Tactical Order Form indicating the work to be done along with a phone number and customer address for the return shipment.
  • Glocks Official will accept payment in the form of ZELLE BANK TRANSFER, PAYPAL(via friends and family), Cash app, VENMO, or BITCOINS.
  • Return shipping costs will be required before the shipment of your firearm. If paying by credit card, shipping will be billed to your credit card on the return shipment.
  • Glocks Official return ships via UPS only and will use UPS Next Day Air Saver where available.
  • The usual time to complete work and return your firearm is 5days to 10 days after payment is made. Depending on our workload and the work requested and when payment is made it may take longer.

Note: Replacement of damaged or worn parts not included in the price. Our Gunsmith will determine if additional parts are needed during the installation of trigger components and inform you of any increase in price and any problems with your firearm.


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