First time Glock owner. Plenty of Springfield’s and a couple Taurus’ with a Sig thrown in for good measure. All the time looking for MY handgun. I found it in a Glock 17 Gen4! Thanks to your great store, and Lenny’s informative videos, I have added a Double Diamond Barrel, the 3.5 pound Connector and a host of other look good goodies. I’m already planning my next Glock purchase after I sell my XDM, 45 ACP and replace it with a Glock 21, Gen4. Can’t wait to start customizing it! Great store and you have always sent me exactly what I want and quickly. Glock for life!

Michael M.

I have been to your store quite a few times and have purchased guns and upgrades. Your people are the best. They are knowledgeable, customer oriented, and easy to work with. I have gone to other shops and there, you are just another number. I compare the GlockStore to the Apple Store and they are very similar. You are developing a great culture and great employees. I have worked with the store manager and with Nick (a customer rep). Both terrific! I will be coming back.
Just bought a Glock 19 and will pick it up 6/10. Keep up the good work!

Ron R.

Hi Lenny,
I am having another Glock built in your Custom Shop!
I talked to Eric M. this past Saturday and he helped me with another build. I wanted a G26 for EDC. I didn’t want any flash I just wanted a Glock that was simple with a few upgrades to enhance the performance. Eric knew exactly what I was looking for. Then I saw your email this morning about the +4 magazine extension for the G43. That changed my mind from the G26 to a G43. I called Eric to see if my G26 had been started on and he said no that they were waiting on the barrel. I ask him if it would be any trouble to switch my build to a G43 done the same way. He assured me that it would be no problem at all. So I’m having a G43 built with a Double Diamond Barrel, all extended controls, Double Diamond 3.5 pound connector, Tungsten Guide Rod, Truglo Tritium TFX Pro sights, and of course 2 of the +4 magazine extensions mounted on 2 Glock G43 magazines. Again Eric was very patient with me and helped me put together exactly what I wanted. Eric is a pleasure to deal with and my needs and expectations seemed to be a top priority to him. I call this G43 build: “STRICTLY BUSINESS-NO SHOW–ALL GO”

Scott W.

Good evening Lenny, I hope all is well! To begin with, I want to thank you for the very informative videos you have created as they have helped me understand better my Glocks, how to continuously improve their performance and the new products available. They have been extremely helpful and you have my gratitude. After viewing your videos and visiting the GlockStore Performance & Custom site, I prepared a shopping list and called to place my order. I was answered enthusiastically by Bob and once he understood that I was calling from Canada, I was efficiently transferred to Aaron who took my order. This was my first experience dealing with the GlockStore and I want to thank and congratulate you for the exceptional service I received from Aaron during my recent order placement. He was professional, courteous and attentive. He was well aware of the items I wanted to order and was able to provide input and recommendations. His client centric skills made this experience a pleasant one and you have gained a new repeat client. I am looking forward to the reception of my order so I can upgrade my Glocks and try the improvements. Lenny, I wish you and your team continuous success and once more thank you and Bravo!

Ted P.

Lenny – I’m 48 and have been an avid shooter for almost 40 years including probably over a million small and medium caliber rounds in the military. It took me 47 years to get a Glock and I’ve bought two now. I have really enjoyed using your videos to make various upgrades on my own. It’s become a nice little hobby for me. Thanks for the fun!

John C.

I want to thank the Glocksofficial for doing a great job on handling my firearm and a special thank you to Eric Brooks along with the custom shop for the great care and designs of my new G30S !! There outstanding approach at their job is outstanding !! Thanks again, and looking forward to doing business with you again in the future !!

David L.

Hats off to you. Many thanks for my Storm lake barrel. I know have 3 in. groups at 50 yds with my reloads. 180gr tapered cone lead. 4.8 grains win.231. I reached my goal. with my glock 20.


Just wanted to shout out a big thank you and Your Team for doing such a nice job on my Glock 30S. I love it! Please extend my sincere appreciation to everyone who touched it… they did great!

E. C.

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