FN® MK 46 MOD 1





With a lighter, more compact chassis, the FN® MK 48 MOD 1 delivers the powerful 7.62x51mm round’s expanded range and higher penetration. It was made to be lightweight and small enough to follow troops moving quickly as they manoeuvred closer to the enemy, as used by U.S. special operations. When a lighter, more agile machine gun with a higher calibre is required, the mk46 can also supplement traditional ground forces. The mk46 is packed with enhanced features, including improved receiver pins, a redesigned gas block, a vented hand guard with an enhanced heat shield, and three mk46 lmg rails. Its cold hammer-forged MIL-SPEC barrel, Glock 41 Gen4 MOS  with a hard-chromed bore, ensures increased accuracy and longevity. The receiver, made of formed steel, has a mark 46 gun optical rail installed on top. Recoil is significantly reduced with a hydraulic buffer, allowing for more shots on target. The curved trigger and crossbolt safety enhance operator control. Plus, it comes with an extra barrel for extended use.

Key Features 

  • Belt-fed operation for sustained fire capability without frequent reloads.
  • Chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO for versatile firepower and manageable recoil.
  • Lightweight design enhances manoeuvrability in various combat environments.
  • The quick-change barrel system enables rapid barrel swaps during sustained firing.
  • Integrated Picatinny rail allows for the attachment of optics and accessories for customization.
  • The adjustable gas system ensures reliable operation across different conditions and ammunition types.
  • The collapsible buttstock offers personalized adjustment for comfort and control.
  • Robust construction withstands harsh conditions for long-lasting durability.
  • Fully automatic firing mode provides suppressive fire capability.
  • Trusted by military and law enforcement worldwide for its reliability and performance.


The FN® MK 46 Mod 1 offers convenience through its lightweight design, quick-change barrel system, and integrated Picatinny rail. Its belt-fed operation ensures sustained fire capability, reducing the need for frequent reloads, while the adjustable gas system enhances adaptability to different conditions. With a collapsible buttstock for personalized adjustment and a fully automatic firing mode for suppressive fire capability, 338 Federal Ammo it provides ease of use and versatility in various combat situations. Trusted by military and law enforcement worldwide, the mk 46 combines convenience with reliability, making it a preferred choice for elite units in diverse operational environments.


  • CALIBER: 5.56x45mm NATO
  • OPERATION: Open-bolt
  • WEIGHT: 15.44 lb.
  • BARREL LENGTH: 16.3″
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 36.22″
  • EFFECTIVE RANGE: 800m, point target
  • MAXIMUM RANGE: 1,800m
  • HEIGHT: 9.33″
  • TRIGGER PULL: 7.87 – 15.7 lb.


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