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The FN SCAR® 16S NRCH is a formidable and versatile rifle designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern military and law enforcement units. Standing for “Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle,” the SCAR® 16S NRCH is a variant of the renowned FN SCAR® platform, renowned for its reliability, accuracy, and adaptability in the field. Crafted by FN Herstal, a leading firearms manufacturer with a legacy of excellence, the SCAR® 16S NRCH boasts robust construction and advanced engineering. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal handling and comfort, even during extended missions or intense fn scar 16s for sale Glock 19X engagements.

At its core, the SCAR® 16S NRCH features a gas-operated, short-stroke piston system, delivering exceptional performance with reduced recoil and muzzle rise. This system enhances accuracy and allows for rapid follow-up shots, which is crucial in dynamic combat scenarios. Equipped with a free-floating, cold hammer-forged barrel, the SCAR® 16S NRCH ensures consistent accuracy and durability under various environmental conditions.

Its Picatinny rail system offers ample space for mounting optics, lights, and other accessories, allowing users to customize their setup to suit their mission requirements. The rifle is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, a widely used caliber known for FN 509® Midsize  effectiveness in combat situations. Whether engaging targets at close quarters or engaging distant threats, the SCAR® 16S NRCH delivers lethal precision and stopping power. 


Fn Scar 16s For Sale


Looking for top-tier performance in a firearm? Look no further than the FN SCAR 16S, now available for sale. Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, this battle-proven rifle offers unparalleled versatility and accuracy. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a dedicated enthusiast, the FN SCAR 16S delivers exceptional performance in any scenario. With its robust construction and innovative design, this rifle ensures fn scar 15p price optimal handling and control, making it the ideal choice for discerning shooters. Don’t miss your chance to own the FN SCAR 16S and experience the pinnacle of modern firearms technology. Get yours today and elevate your shooting fn scar 16s nrch FN 509® Compact MRD experience.


Key Features:


  1. Versatility: Designed for a wide range of applications, including military, law enforcement, and civilian use.
  2. Adaptability: Modular design allows for easy customization with various accessories and attachments.
  3. Reliability: Built to withstand harsh conditions and deliver consistent performance in any environment.
  4. Accuracy: Precise engineering and high-quality components ensure reliable and accurate shooting.
  5. Ergonomics: Comfortable and intuitive handling, with adjustable features for user comfort and control.
  6. Compactness: Compact size and lightweight construction make it ideal for maneuverability in tight spaces.
  7. Non-Reciprocating Charging Handle (NRCH): Enhances user safety by eliminating interference with optics and reducing the risk of injury.
  8. Durability: Constructed with robust materials to ensure long-term durability and minimal maintenance requirements.
  9. Compatibility: Interchangeable with other SCAR components, allowing for easy integration with existing systems.
  10. Enhanced Safety: Incorporates advanced safety features to prevent accidental discharges and ensure user security.


Key Specifications:


  • CALIBER: 5.56x45mm
  • OPERATION: Short-stroke gas piston
  • MAG CAPACITY: 10 or 30 Rd.
  • WEIGHT: 7.25 lb.
  • BARREL LENGTH: 16.25″
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 34.5″ – 37″


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