FN SCAR® 17 Standard


  • CALIBER: 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester
  • OPERATION: Short-stroke gas piston
  • MAG CAPACITY: 20 Rd.
  • WEIGHT: 7.9 lb.


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The pinnacle of battle-proven performance with the FN SCAR® 17 Standard. Engineered to meet the demands of elite military units worldwide, this legendary rifle is now available for civilian enthusiasts.

The FN SCAR® 17 Standard is chambered in the powerful 7.62x51mm NATO caliber, delivering unparalleled accuracy and stopping power in any environment.

With a cold hammer-forged MIL-SPEC barrel, the SCAR® 17 Standard offers pinpoint accuracy at extended ranges. The adjustable gas regulator allows fine-tuning to accommodate various ammunition types and shooting conditions.

With its rugged construction, advanced features, and proven reliability, the FN SCAR® 17 Standard sets the standard for modern battle rifles. Whether for tactical operations, Scar 308, competitive shooting, or recreational use, this rifle delivers uncompromising performance when it matters most. Elevate your shooting experience with the FN SCAR® 17 Standard today.

The unique gas-operated, short-stroke piston design of the selective-fire FN SCAR® 17 lowers fouling for increased dependability while firing the long-range, hard-hitting 7.62x51mm NATO/308 Winchester cartridge.

Three user-interchangeable, free-floating, cold hammer-forged MIL-SPEC barrels with a chrome-lined bore are included in the FN SCAR® 17 system. The FN SCAR® 17’s fully ambidextrous operational controls allow it to adapt to any user rapidly.

The three accessory rails and receiver-integrated MIL-STD-1913 optical rail allow the mounting of different tactical lights and lasers, scar .308. The side-folding polymer stock is colored true Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and fully adjustable for comb height and pull length. 

Scar 17s Weight for Sale

Advancements in materials science and firearm design have significantly reduced the weight of the SCAR 17S rifle. Through the utilization of advanced lightweight alloys, 308 scar, carbon fiber components, and innovative manufacturing techniques, the weight of the SCAR 17S has been dramatically decreased without compromising its durability or performance, and 338 Federal Ammo.

The future SCAR 17S weighs notably lighter than its predecessors, making it more ergonomic and maneuverable for operators in various tactical environments. This weight reduction enhances the rifle’s portability, allowing users to carry it for extended periods without experiencing fatigue.

The SCAR 17 .308 could evolve in several ways, reflecting advancements in firearms technology and changes in military and civilian needs.

Scar 17 308

  1. Modular Upgrades: Manufacturers might develop modular upgrades for the SCAR 17, allowing users to customize their rifles for specific purposes. This could include interchangeable barrels, stocks, and handguards catering to different missions and preferences.
  2. Enhanced Materials: Future iterations of the SCAR 17 could incorporate advanced materials such as carbon fiber composites or lightweight alloys, FN scar 308, reducing overall weight while maintaining durability. This would make the rifle more ergonomic and easier to handle during prolonged use.
  3. Integrated Electronics: Integrating electronic components could enhance the SCAR 17’s capabilities. This might include advanced optics with augmented reality overlays, integrated sensors for environmental data, or even smart ammunition counters and diagnostics to monitor weapon health in real time.


judicious burning

rotating bolt with a locking mechanism

600 RPM (rounds per minute) fire cycle rate

Polymer composite trigger module

Flat Dark Earth (FDE) or matte black

There is an adjustable bipod available. 


MIL-STD-1913 accessory rails at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions on a hard-anodized monolithic aluminum receiver

Folding/detachable rear iron sights and adjustable folding front iron sights 


Free-floating, chrome-lined, cold-hammered

The operator can switch between the two barrel options (Std., CQC) in less than five minutes, with a point of impact movement of less than one minute of angle (1 MOA) from the previously established zero.

incredibly powerful flash hider/interface 


Design with telescoping

When the side-folding stock is folded, it can still be fired for vehicle and aircraft deployments.

Adaptable cheekpiece

Composite polymer building 


Magazine release and selection lever ambidextrous

Either the left or right side may have the charging handle installed.

expanded trigger guard to make it simpler to use while donning gloves

A gas regulator that may be adjusted and used in conjunction with a sound suppressor to keep the fire rate steady 



Steel magazine body

Extended magazine base pad for improved ergonomics

Low-friction follower


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