Glock 19 Gen. 3 BB Pistol


Glock 19 Gen. 3 BB Pistol presents revolutionary design changes to the pistol that may be the best solution for high-speed finders.



Glock 19 Gen. 3 BB Pistol Buy Online

The Glock 19 Gen. 3 BB Pistol is an airgun replica of the famous Glock 19 Gen. 3 firearm. It fires steel BBs and is powered by a CO2 cartridge inserted into the grip. Glock 19 Gen3 GBB 6mm BB Pistol is designed to look and feel like a real firearm, with similar weight, dimensions, and controls. It has a metal slide and polymer frame and features a 16-round drop-free metal magazine.

This airgun is designed for training, target shooting, and plinking. It is also a popular choice for those who want to own a Glock 19 but cannot legally or practically own a firearm. However, it is important to note that this airgun should be treated with the same safety precautions as a real firearm and should never be pointed at anyone or anything you do not intend to shoot.

Due to its smaller dimensions than the standard-sized alternative, the Pistol calibre air Gen is perfect for a more varied role. The groundbreaking design modifications to the Glock 19 blowback Pistol make it the ideal firearm for high-speed hunters. Like other Glock 19 Gen 3, BB Pistol is as close to utterly reliable as any other gun. Many small-handed shooters have passed on the G21 because they couldn’t get a proper firing grip on the big Gun. The newer Glock 17 – 9mm fits smaller hands much better.

Features Glock 19 Gen. 3 BB Pistol 

  • CO2
  • Repeater
  • Fixed, Glock-style sights
  • Official Glock Markings
  • Features Glock’s distinctive trigger
  • Double-Action Trigger
  • A compact version of the standard-size Glock 17
  • 16th BB Capacity
  • Non-blowback
  • Weaver Accessory Mount

Best Glock 19 Gen. 3 BB Pistol Specs:

ManufacturerGlock Caliber.177

Velocity 410 fps

Condition New

Ammo Type BBs

Action Semiautomatic

Barrel Style Smoothbore

Fire Mode Repeater

Gun Weight 1.60

Overall Length 7.25

Barrel Length 4.25

Loudness 3-Medium

Magazine Capacity 16

Mechanism CO2

Rail No

Safety 0

Front Sights Blade

Rear Sights Fixed

Shots per Fill 0

Trigger Adjustability 0

Trigger Action Double-Action

Use Plinking/Fun

Warranty 90-day limited warranty

The Glock 19X 6mm airsoft pistol by Umarex/Elite Force is another welcome addition to the Glock airsoft lineup. With Blowback Action, adjustable soup up, and a velocity of 300 FPS, this is often an ideal item for brand-spanking new or veteran airporters. It’s Green Gas powered (GREEN GAS NOT INCLUDED) and features a 23-round magazine.

Due to its smaller proportions than the standard-sized alternative, the 3 BB Pistol is perfect for a function that requires greater versatility. GLOCK G19 GEN 3 BB Gun handgun CO2 airgun replica is small and portable, with the distinctive appearance of the original handgun and lots of power. It fires despite having a length of only 7.25 inches.177 calibre steel BBs weigh a pleasing 25.6 ounces and have a muzzle velocity of up to 410 FPS.

  • 410 fps
  • Integrated push-button safety in the trigger
  • Powered by one 12g CO2 capsule housed in the grip (CO2 not included)
  • CO2 Allen key housed in the backstrap
  • Fires .177 cal. steel BBs
  • Fixed traditional Glock U-shaped rear sight and white dot front sight
  • 15-round drop-free magazine
  • Integrated weaver rail
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