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Buy Glock 21 Gen 4 provides high magazine capacity and the power of the 45 Auto round. You can purchase the G21 Gen4 online or from an authorized GLOCK dealer.



Buy Glock 21 Gen 4 For Sale 

The Buy Glock 21 Gen 4 is highly acclaimed for its precision and minimal recoil, delivering exceptional firepower with a remarkable magazine capacity in the 45 Auto round.

Its Modular Back Strap system enables quick grip customization to suit any hand size. With a reversible magazine catch, Glock 21 gen 4 price,  it is ideal for left- and right-handed shooters. The buy new Glock 21 gen 4, Kimber Aegis Elite ProGen4 system is a perfect match for the 45 Auto caliber cartridge.

What is the Glock 21 Gen 4?

The GLOCK 21 Gen4, Gen4 GLOCK 21, Glock G21 Gen 4 is notable for its accuracy Glock 41 Gen4 and minimal recoil and offers the strength of the 45 Auto round with a large magazine capacity. With the help of the Modular Beavertail Backstrap System, the grip can be quickly adjusted to fit any hand size.

What is the Glock 21 for?

The buy Glock 21, Glock 21 Gen4 Gen4 Semi-Auto Pistol is the perfect answer for gun owners interested in owning one Glock 21 Gen 4 .45 ACP, but I love the high-capacity mags in the Glock. Offers the power of . 45 ACP rounds with the standard 13-round capacity magazine.

What comes with a new Glock 21 Gen 4?

They are finished with a gas nitride finish. The GLOCK G21 Gen4 semi-automatic pistol, Glock 21 gen 4 buy, buy a Glock 21 gen 4 has a plastic case and three 13-round magazines.

How many magazines come with a Glock 21 Gen 4?

Thanks to the Modular Back Strap system, you can quickly adapt your grip to match any size hand. Thanks to the reversible magazine catch, Glock gen 4 21, Glock 33 works well for both left- and right-handed shooters. 


  1. Caliber: .45 ACP
  2. Capacity: Standard 13-round magazine (can be extended)
  3. Length: 7.59 inches
  4. Width: 1.27 inches
  5. Height: 5.47 inches
  6. Barrel Length: 4.61 inches
  7. Weight (unloaded): 30.16 ounces
  8. Trigger Pull: 5.5 pounds

Glock 21 Gen4 Review

The Glock 21 Gen4 is a powerhouse among handguns. Its.45 ACP caliber packs a punch, making it suitable for a wide range of uses including self-defense, law enforcement, and competitive shooting. One of its standout features is its capacity; the standard magazine holds 13 rounds, providing ample firepower.

The Gen4 improvements over previous models are noticeable. The dual recoil spring assembly enhances reliability and reduces felt recoil, Glock 21 gen 5 price, allowing quicker follow-up shots and improved accuracy. The modular backstrap system allows for customizable grip size, comfortably accommodating a wide range of hand sizes.

The Gen4 model maintains Glock’s renowned reliability. It functions flawlessly even under adverse conditions, Glock 21 review gen 4, making it a trusted companion for those who depend on their firearm in critical situations.

Accuracy is another area where the Glock 21 shines. Its consistent trigger pull and ergonomics contribute to precise shot placement, instilling confidence in its performance, Glock 45 barrel length,  whether in controlled target shooting or high-stress scenarios.

While some may find its size and weight a bit bulky for concealed carry, it’s a minor tradeoff considering the firepower and reliability it offers. Overall, the Glock 21 Gen4 is a top choice for those seeking a robust .45 ACP handgun for various purposes, backed by Glock’s reputation for excellence in design and performance.

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