Buy Glock 22 .40 Online




Buy Glock 22 .40 Online

 The Buy Glock 22 .40 fills the void left by the heavy .40 Glock, which was first unveiled at the 1990 SHOT Show: forty-five rounds and the 9 x 19mm service calibers, which are well-known worldwide.

There is also a New Gen 3 + 4 G22 for sale, Glock 22 weight, Glock 22 gen 4 review. You can purchase a Glock handgun on this website and have it shipped to a nearby FFL dealer. Then, before you can take possession of the firearm, you must travel to that dealer and finish the local and state requirements needed to own a handgun.

The Glock 22 Gen4, .40 pistola caliber, 40 cal Glock debuted at the 1990 SHOT Show, straddling the heavy and light spectrums: forty-five caliber bullets and the widely recognized 9 x 19mm service calibers.

The first manufacturer to offer law enforcement agencies a perfect handgun with the benefits of this balanced caliber was G.L.O.C.K. Numerous police departments nowadays, both domestically and abroad, rely on the 15-round sub compact 40, Glock 22 review, single stack 40 cal, Kimber KHX Pro.

  • Now available in Gen 4 models.
  • Standard models come with two 15-round magazines.
  • Gen 4 models come with three 15-round magazines.
  • California models come with two 10-round magazines.
  • Gen 4 models cannot be shipped to California except to certified Law Enforcement.
  • Length: 7.32 inches
  • Height: 5:43 inches
  • Width: 1.18 inches
  • Barrel Length: 4.49 inches
  • Weight: 22.92 oz unloaded

We can and will make the cannon to your specifications, install any necessary parts, and ship it to you completely built and ready to fire. Add the components to your shopping basket, and provide any additional information or specific requests in the comments area. 

Please be aware that discounts are not available when buying Glock factory firearms. Discounts are only valid on components and accessories.

Firearms must be sent to your chosen FFL by FedEx Overnight. This fee is a flat amount of $40. 

Orders for firearms often need 24-48 hours to process before shipping.

Not exportable outside of the United States.

Note: FFL is necessary for shipping. We can assist you in locating a dealer in your area if you don’t already have one in mind. When checking out, you must specify which FFL will receive this item if you have a dealer selected. If you don’t, completing and dispatching your order can take longer. Have your FFL send a signed copy of their license to if it is not already on file. Be sure to include your name and order number on the cover page.

 G.L.O.C.K. 22

The G.L.O.C.K. 22 is the most widely used police service pistol in the United States. It fires the powerful 40 S&W cartridge and has a larger magazine capacity per unit of weight and size than most full-sized handguns.

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.40 S&W


Safe Action®

Mag. Capacity

Standard: 15

Optional: 22 / 16

Barrel Length

114 mm | 4.49 inch


without magazine

645 g | 22.75 oz


with empty magazine

725 g | 25.57 oz


with loaded magazine

975 g | 34.39 oz

Trigger Pull

28 N

1 Length (Overall)** 204 mm | 8.03 inch
2 Slide Length 186 mm | 7.32 inch
3 Width (Overall) 32 mm | 1.26 inch
4 Slide Width 25,5 mm | 1.0 inch
5 Height incl.Mag. 139 mm | 5.47 inch
6 Line of Sight (Polymer) 165 mm | 6.50 inch
Line of Sight (Steel) 164 mm | 6.46 inch
Line of Sight (GNS) 163 mm | 6.42 inch
7 Trigger Distance** 71,5 mm | 2.81 inch


*FOR GEN4/GEN5 MODELS: Check out the Gen5 and Gen4 Technology area for medium/large backstraps.

Technical Data are rounded and do not reflect tolerances – they may be altered without notice! Subject to technical changes.single stack 40 cal.

Additional information

Select Generation

Gen3, Gen4

Select Magazine Rounds

10 Rounds, 15 Rounds


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