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CCI Primers #209 Shotshell are renowned for their reliability and performance in shotgun reloading. Designed for ignition in shotshells, these primers ensure consistent and instant ignition, making them ideal for target shooting and hunting applications. The CCI 209 shotshell primers stores are well-suited for reloading shotgun loads, including birdshot, buckshot, and slug ammunition. 

Their non-corrosive qualities enhance the longevity of your firearms, and their uniformity in size and quality provides peace of mind for reloaders. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a seasoned hunter, CCI 209 shotshell primers 1000/box deliver the dependable ignition and precision you need for success in the field.

What caliber is a 209 primer? 

209 primers midway, CCI 209m primers for blackhorn 209 are not associated with a specific caliber like traditional centerfire or rimfire ammunition. Instead, it is a type of shotgun primer commonly used in shotgun shells for various shotgun gauges, including 12-gauge and 20-gauge, to ignite the powder charge and propel shots or slugs.

What are 209 shotshell primers used for? 

209 shotgun primers and CCI 209 muzzleloader primers are used to ignite the powder charge in shotgun shells. They play a crucial role in initiating the firing process, which propels the shot or slug from the shotgun’s barrel. These primers are essential for reloading shotgun ammunition, commonly used in various applications, including hunting and sport shooting.

Which primer is best for shotgun shells?

A type of Winchester 209 primers shortage is used in most shotgun ammunition. FACT: This primer is also used in most current in-line muzzleloaders. The powder is any chemical concoction that drives the wad and shoots out of the barrel when ignited by the primer.


Certainly, here are the specifications for CCI 209 shotshell primers 100 pack:

  1. Primer Type: cx2000 primers
  2. Usage: Designed specifically for use in shotgun shells.
  3. Ignition: Provides reliable and instant ignition for the powder charge in shotshells.
  4. Caliber Compatibility: Suitable for various shotgun gauges, including 12-gauge and 20-gauge.
  5. Non-Corrosive: These primers are non-corrosive, which helps maintain the longevity of firearms.
  6. Uniformity: Known for their consistent quality and uniform size, ensuring reliable performance.
  7. Application: Used primarily for reloading shotgun ammunition for hunting and shooting sports.
  8. Packaging: Available in various quantities, typically in boxes of 100 or 1,000 primers.

These specifications provide a detailed overview of 209 primers Winchester, CCI 209 shotshell primers in stock, a trusted choice for shotgun shell reloading.


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