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The 357 SIG-chambered Glock 31 Gen4 Sub Compact Pistol is a powerful weapon housed in a small package intended for covert carry. Clinger Holsters make the greatest Glock 31 G4 holster because they are extremely comfortable and discrete. Check out our selection of holsters now. The Glock 31 G4 357 SIG4, Glock 31 gen 3 extended magazine combines the impressive performance of the 357 SIG round with believable concealing characteristics. Robust muzzle velocity and energy are combined in a subcompact .357 pistol that is easy to handle. With its more comfortable external controls and grip options, the G31 G4 expands the possibilities for concealed carry. Its proven GLOCK 33 Gen4 design and Glock 31 barrel are comfortably concealed, and nine highly effective rounds can be used within the standard magazine. 

The Best Glock 31 G4 357 SIG4 Extended Magazine Note:

The following states have limitations on “High Capacity” magazines:

  • We can only ship to those states if purchased by an enforcement Agency.
  • 10 Round- C.A., MA, MD, NY, HI.
  • 15 Round- N.J.

Pistol(Gun) Sales Are Permitted To Public Safety Only:

  • You have sworn Law Enforcement officers in State, Federal County & City.
  • Military personnel, including Reservists and National Guard with I.D. 
  • Military veterans are medically and honorably discharged with retired I.D. or DD-214.
  • Active Corrections Officials, including Parole and Probation Officers.
  • Active Fire Fighters, Tactical EMTs, EMTs, 338 win mag ammo  and Paramedics.
  • State Licensed Security Companies also include State Licensed Armed Security Officers.
  •  District Attorneys, Court Judges, and Deputy District Attorneys with Powers of Arrest.
  • L.E. Academy Cadets with enrollment documentation from the Academy.

Weapons Sales Ar The 31 Gen4 is the fourth model in a line of firearms chambered for the Federal .357 round or the .357 Sig Sauer, Glock 31 vs Glock 32. Because of Glock 34 Gen4 diminutive size, many of us refer to it as a “baby Glock.” As a result, its barrel is nearly half an inch shorter than that of the Glock G31, Glock 31 357 sig. With the exception of the grip length and barrel, it resembles the Glock 31 G4. The p31 pistol, Glock 31c, you’re seeing here is a strong, quick weapon that’s difficult to manage but rather easy to conceal. But the Glock G31 caliber 45 ACP pistol has a double-action trigger system with a capacity of 13 shots. Its quality & price ratio will appeal to the shooter looking for an easy-to-use, high-performance handgun for sport shooting at an affordable price.As a subcompact weapon, it’s during a category during which we discover tons of revolvers. The Glock 31 Gen4 For Online, the g31 Gen 4 is the higher choice because it’s lighter, slips into a concealed space more smoothly, and provides four more rounds than most revolvers.


  • Calibre: .357 SIG
  • Barrel Length: 4.49 inches
  • Capacity: 15+1 rounds
  • Gen4 Features: Interchangeable backstraps and reversible magazine catch for customizable grip.
  • Modular Optic System (MOS): Allows for easy mounting of optics for enhanced accuracy.
  • Safe Action System: Consistent trigger pull with passive safety features.
  • Slide Length: Full-size, suitable for duty or self-defence.
  • Construction: Durable polymer frame with steel slide and 40 caliber ammo walmart  barrel.
  • Sight System: Fixed sights, with an option for aftermarket upgrades.
  • Overall Length: 8.03 inches.


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