Alliant Reloder 16 Smokeless Gun Powder


Alliant Reloder 16 Smokeless Gun Powder is smokeless gunpowder that provides excellent performance in a wide range of calibres. It is a versatile powder that can be used for both target shooting and hunting. Reloader 16 is a clean burning powder that is easy to use and provides consistent results.



Best Alliant Reloder 16 Smokeless Gun Powder Online

Alliant Reloder 16 Smokeless Gun Powder is a smokeless powder manufactured by Alliant Techsystems. It is a single-base nitrocellulose propellant designed for use in small arms. Alliant reloder 16 is a ball powder, meaning that it is composed of small, spherical grains. It is also a fast-burning powder, which burns quickly and is OK suited for high-pressure cartridges.

Reloader 16 was introduced in 2006 and has become popular for reloaders and competitive shooters. It is known for its consistent performance and clean burning.

What is the RL 16 used for?

The burn speed of the reloader 16 for sale is slightly faster than the Reloder 17 and Alliant Reloder 16 Smokeless, well within the burn speed band 4350. It makes it an ideal Alliant reloader 16 for traditional hunting cartridges such as 30-06 Spring.

What is Alliant 50 powder used for?

RL 16 powder, reloder 16 load data is designed for 50-calibre long-range shooters. With superior velocity and the power to burn cleaner (with less residue), RL50 powder provides batch-to-batch consistency and density explicitly created for the 50 calibre application.

Does Hodgdon have Alliant Powder?

Black powder under the GOEX® brand is another product owned and sold by Hodgdon Powder Company. RL23 powder, reloder 16 for 6.5 Creedmoor, is added to Hodgdon’s lineup of smokeless powders for 2019 and will be available to consumers.

The public relations and media manager, Chris Hodgdon, declared that dispensing powder was their expertise. Best Alliant Reloder 50 Smokeless Gun Powder for online.

Long-range repeatable accuracy demands a propellant that performs consistently through extreme temperatures. Alliant Powder Reloder 16, like Reloder 23 and AR Comp, achieves this world-class stability through TZ technology.

9mm minor manipulates the material’s response and opposes the natural inclination of higher temperatures to generate more pressure and lower temperatures to generate less stress. 

The burn speed of the r16 gun is slightly faster than the Reloder 17, well within the burn speed band 4350.

Key Features:

  1. Consistency: Reloder 16 is known for its excellent consistency in performance, providing uniform velocities shot after shot.
  2. Clean Burning: This powder is formulated to burn cleanly, reducing fouling and making firearm maintenance easier.
  3. Temperature Stability: Reloder 16 is designed to maintain stable performance across a wide range of temperatures, ensuring consistent results in various weather conditions.
  4. Versatility: It’s suitable for a wide range of cartridges and bullet weights, making it a versatile choice for reloading enthusiasts.
  5. High Energy: Reloder 16 delivers high energy to the bullet, resulting in impressive velocities without excessive pressure.
  6. Low Flash: It produces minimal muzzle flash, which is particularly beneficial for low-light shooting conditions or when hunting.
  7. Accurate: Shooters often praise Reloder 16 for its accuracy, allowing for precise shot placement even at long distances.
  8. Optimized Performance: This powder is engineered to maximize performance in modern rifles, catering to the demands of competitive shooters, hunters, and recreational sharpshooters alike.

Certainly, here are the features of Reloder 16:

  1. Versatility
  2. Clean Burning
  3. Temperature Stability
  4. Excellent Metering
  5. Consistency
  6. Manufacturing Quality
  7. Application

These features collectively make Reloder 16 Gun Powder a popular option for those looking for reliability and performance in their rifle cartridge reloading.


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