Alliant 2400 Smokeless Gun Powder


Alliant 2400 is a high-performance, single-stage reloading press designed for serious reloaders. It features a cast aluminium frame, a 1-inch ram, and a large, easy-to-use handle. The press can be used with various dies and accessories, and it comes with a die plate that accepts standard 7/8-14 dice.



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Alliant 2400 is a well-regarded smokeless powder known for its versatility and consistent performance in handgun cartridges.

Its fine spherical grains offer excellent metering capabilities, ensuring precise and reliable powder charges. This powder is particularly popular among magnum revolver and high-velocity pistol cartridge reloaders. 

It powder delivers consistent velocities and clean-burning qualities, reducing fouling in the firearm’s barrel. Its broad range of applications includes .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, and various other high-powered pistol alliant 2400 45 acp rounds.

Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a handgun enthusiast, count on Alliant 2400 powder load data to provide the power, accuracy, and cleanliness required for your reloading needs.

What is Alliant 2400 used for?

An optimal load for magnum handgun calibers like the 44 Remington Magnum, the Alliant 2400 for sale in stock now has become legendary in magnum handgun reloading.

IMR 4831 Smokeless Gun Powder Initially developed for the 22 Hornet, Alliant 2400 smokeless powder can also be used in loads of the 218 Bee and 410 bore rifles.

Why is there a shortage of gunpowder?

Q: What causes supply issues? A: Quite simply, our manufacturing facilities did not follow our orders. Additionally, military contracts have begun to specify it load data in recent years for military ammunition, which has impacted our supply.

What is bluehead powder used for?

It powder, Alliant 2400 load data 38 special, is the best choice for magnum cartridge loads, offering some of the highest velocities recorded within its pressure limits.

But this smokeless magnum powder can also be used for 10, 12, 16, 20, and 28 caliber cartridge loads for precise hunting loads—online shopping for Alliant Green Dot Smokeless Gun Powder.


Certainly, here are the specifications for 2400 gunpowder, Alliant 2400 load data for 300 blackout:

  1. Powder Type: Smokeless
  2. Brand: Alliant Powder
  3. Product Name: 2400
  4. Powder Shape: Spherical
  5. Burn Rate: Medium to Slow
  6. Use: Handgun and Magnum Pistol Cartridges
  7. Applications: Versatile powder suitable for a wide range of handgun cartridges, particularly favored for magnum revolver and high-velocity pistol rounds.
  8. Metering: Known for excellent metering capabilities, ensuring precise powder charges.
  9. Clean Burning: Hercules 2400 powder, Alliant 2400 powder 357 magnum and Alliant 2400 45 acp is recognized for its clean-burning properties, reducing fouling in the firearm’s barrel.
  10. Composition: Specific composition details are proprietary but typically include nitrocellulose and various chemical additives.
  11. Packaging: Available in various container sizes, including 1-pound and 4-pound containers.
  12. Availability: Availability may vary by region and can be subject to market demand and regulations.

These specifications provide an overview of powder for 44 mag, Alliant 2400 equivalent and Alliant 2400 4lb, a versatile handgun and magnum pistol cartridge reloading choice.

Always consult the latest reloading manuals and follow safe reloading practices when using any reloading components to ensure safety and reliable performance.


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