Hodgdon H4895 Smokeless Gun Powder


Hodgdon H4895 is a versatile ball powder that meters very well. It is often used for 22 calibre varmint loads and larger calibres for match target and small game loads. H4895 can also be used in magnum cartridges such as the 7mm Remington Magnum and the 300 Winchester Magnum.



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Hodgdon H4895 is a versatile smokeless powder that is popular among reloaders. It is used in various calibers and is known for its consistent performance. Hodgdon h4895 load data, h4895 substitute is a versatile, extruded powder that performs exceptionally well in cartridges like the Hodgdon h4895 in stock 6mm PPC and even the 44 Remington Magnum.

What is h4895 powder used for?

As a member of the Hodgdon h4895 powder in stock in the Extreme stock line of extruding powder, this powder is a good fit for 30-06, 17 Remington, 250-3000 Savage, 308 Winchester and 458 Winchester, to name a few. It is incredibly accurate in every cartridge list in our data.

Why is Hodgdon powder not available?

Hodgdon H4198 Smokeless Gun Powder will continue to ship powder as quickly as possible, we have a significant backlog in demand. Some powders will be in stock sooner, but it will take much of 2020 to improve the availability of all powders.

What calibers is Retumbo good for?

H4895 in stock, h4895 Cabela’s is one of the slowest, most useful powders in several “overbore” cartridges. It includes cartridges often chosen for long-range hunting, such as the various 6.5, 7mm and 30 caliber magnums available.

Is Hodgdon Powder bankrupt?

In September, h4350 Midway Company announced closing the GOEX plant in Camp Minden, Louisiana, the last remaining black powder manufacturer in the United States, and discontinuing the longtime brand. Best Alliant Reloder 26 Smokeless Gun Powder for online.

What is Varget powder used for?

The powder ignites quickly and burns cleanly, resulting in superb accuracy, higher scores, and cleaner one-hit kills. In stock, Varget is the perfect powder for H1000 Powder Valley, shooting the 223 Remington with heavy balls in competitive matches.

H4895 midway, h4895 8lb in stock is Hodgdon’s most versatile gunpowder. This Extreme Extruded Powder line member is ideal for 17 Remington, 250-3000 Savage, 308 Winchester and 458 Winchester, to name a few.

It is incredibly accurate in every cartridge listed in RL 26 powder in stock load data. 

Smokeless Powder Disclaimer:

  • Stay within the charges displayed in the reloader guide.
  • Never mix two powders, regardless of type, brand or source.
  • Never substitute smokeless powder with black powder or a black powder substitute.

Key Features:

  1. Wide Caliber Range: This powder is suitable for a wide range of rifle calibers, from smaller varmint cartridges to larger big game rounds, making it a favorite among shooters who own multiple rifles.
  2. Versatility: Whether you’re reloading for target shooting, hunting, or competitive shooting, H4895 offers versatility in load development, allowing for tailored loads to match specific rifle and shooting requirements.
  3. Clean Burning: H4895 produces minimal fouling and residue, promoting easier firearm maintenance and longer intervals between cleanings.
  4. Proven History: H4895 has a long history of use in competitive shooting, military applications, and hunting. It has earned a reputation for reliability and performance among seasoned shooters and reloaders.
  5. Data Availability: Hodgdon provides extensive load data for H4895, offering reloaders a wide range of tested recipes to safely and effectively reload cartridges across various bullet weights and velocities.


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