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Hodgdon H4198 is a fuel developed by the Hodgdon Powder Company. It is a ball powder composed of small, spherical grains. But it is a fast-burning powder often used in small caliber, high-velocity cartridges such as the 22 Hornet and the 218 Bee. Hodgdon h4198 for 223, powder valley h4198 and h4198 for 45-70 have many uses and are a favorite of many reloaders. But it can be used for varmint hunting, target shooting, and plinking. It is a very versatile powder and can be used in many different types of firearms.

What is H4198 powder good for?

Hodgdon h4198 reloading data, h4198 is ideal for reloading rifle cartridges, particularly those with smaller case capacities. It’s favored for varmint loads and is versatile, making it suitable for various rifle calibers. Hodgdon 4198 Shooters often use it for accurate and consistent performance in target shooting and hunting applications.

What is the purpose of Hodgdon h4831sc?

As an Extreme Extruded propellant, Hodgdon h4198 powder in stock, h4198 for 300 blackout, has the advantage of being insensitive to hot and cold conditions and having excellent homogeneity from lot to lot. It works well with cartridges such as the 270 Winchester, 25-06 Remington, 280 Remington, and 300 Winchester Magnum.


Certainly, here are the specifications for h4198 Smokeless Powder, h4198 powder near me:

  1. Powder Type: Smokeless
  2. Brand: Hodgdon
  3. Product Name: Imr4198
  4. Powder Shape: Extruded
  5. Burn Rate: Medium to Slow
  6. Use: Rifle
  7. Applications: Versatile powder suitable for various rifle calibers, particularly favored for smaller capacity cartridges and varmint loads.
  8. Metering: Known for consistent metering, aiding in precise powder charges.
  9. Temperature Stability: Exhibits good temperature stability, ensuring reliable performance across different weather conditions.
  10. Clean Burning: H4198 load data, h4198 powder uses is recognized for clean-burning qualities, which help maintain barrel cleanliness and accuracy.
  11. Composition: Specific composition details are proprietary but typically include nitrocellulose and various chemical additives.
  12. Packaging: Available in various container sizes, such as 1-pound and 8-pound containers.
  13. Availability: Availability may vary by region and can be subject to market demand and regulations.

These specifications provide a general overview of h4198 smokeless powder. The h4198 scheels a versatile choice for reloading various rifle cartridges, especially those with smaller case capacities. Always consult the latest reloading manuals and follow safe reloading practices when using any reloading components to ensure safety and reliable performance.


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